Part Livery

We provide the majority of the materials that you will need to care for your horse but you still have to visit your horse on a daily basis to provide its care.
We recognise that the turning out and bringing in of horses is the most difficult aspect for most of our clients, due to work/childcare commitments. It also can be the most stressful part of the day for your horse.
Horses thrive on a routine and this is what we aim to provide at Bank Farm Equestrian. With this in mind we have included in our part livery package 7 day turnout of your horse.  Along with the bringing in of your horse Monday to Friday; this is to ensure that the horses stay in a regular routine and it also supports any working hours/pattern for the owner. With turnout and bring in included within the livery package you only have to visit the yard once; this can either be in the morning or the evening, whichever time suits your routine best.

Included is:

  • All hay/haylage
  • 1 bag of shavings per week
  • 7 day Turnout including one rug change
  • Monday to Friday bring in
  • 20% off all rug washing provided by Rugwash Equine Laundry
  • Full use of all facilities

£80 per week

There is also extra support available should you require it. Anything from putting your horse bed, to daily full livery, to the exercising of your horse. At Bank Farm Equestrian we are here to help in whatever way suits you.
Please ring Claire on 07563 273736 for more information and to discuss your individual requirements.

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